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If you're locked out of your home, your car, or your business don't let the panic set in. Instead, call West Hartford lock to the rescue.


We'll make sure you get in when and where you need to and that all your belongings are locked up safe and sound.

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Doors are not just functional pieces. They're fashionable as well. Find the right hardware for your door to give it a little flair.


Visit our showroom and browse through the selection of items that make your doors work as they should and also make them attractive to look at.

Decorative hardware

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Your business needs as much attention as your home does.


Find the right doors to fit offices and break rooms and everything you need to run your business right.


Stop in and see what we have in store.

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Find all your locksmith needs in one convenient place!

For your safety and security

Make sure your residential or commercial property is locked up safe when you're not around with the best lock products and services in town.